As a wise businessman, you may have somehow heard of the amazing value brought by the biomass pellet fuel. BUT many of you may be still struggling with the question --How Can I Find The Best Quality Biomass Pellet Fuel With An Inexpensive Price? Here, you will save time and energy in finding answer for this question, for we are ready to help you seek the most suitable supplier from hundreds of reputable biomass pellet fuel manufacturers all around the world. And this is free of charge. -- BY James Wang
How Much Do You Know
About Biomass Pellet Fuel And Its Advantages?
Pellets are made by using pellet mill equipments to process biomass raw material (usually wood) into easily combustible pellet form through a range of procedures, including crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling and packing.
Why Biomass
Pellets Are Superior
Than Other Types
Of Fuel As An
Statistic speaks louder: ( The data is updated on February 2012 )
Fuel Price per unit Kwh per unit Dollar/kwh
Wood chips (30% MC) $162.95 per tonne 3,500 kWh/t $0.01972
Wood pellets $325.94 per tonne 4,800 kWh/t $0.02852
Natural gas $0.03259 1 $0.03259
Heating oil $0.4063 per litre 10 kWh/ltr $0.04074
LPG (bulk) $0.3394 per litre 6.6 kWh/ltr $0.05165
Electricity $0.09842 1 $0.09842
From the above comparison, you can have a clear idea in your mind about the economical and
cost-effective superiority of biomass pellet fuel.
Why We Can Help You Find the Best Pellet Fuel Supplier?
Reason 1: Long-term Cooperative Relationship With Excellent Pellet Fuel Suppliers around The World.
Nanjing Pellet Mill Co., Ltd is a leading pellet mill manufacturer who has already sold many production lines all over the world. So we have got hold of comprehensive information about hundreds of pellet fuel producers who have bought our equipments and are also our long-term cooperative partners.
Below are the global distribution map of our customers-the pellet fuel producer and supplier.

Reason 2: Grasp Timely And Accurate Information On The Pellet Fuel Market.
Since NPM has successfully built up more than fifty pellet production lines around the world, we know clearly on the policy, characteristic and quality standard of biomass pellet fuel on different regions, and thus we can recommend the most suitable supplier to you according to your specific need.
Reason 3: Profession On Evaluating The Premium Quality Pellet Fuel.
After years of researching, NPM has developed its exclusive and advanced production technology which is well-received by the pellet fuel supplier and that's why we are confident to say that we can help you find the best quality biomass pellets which meets up with the international standard.

Reason 4: Recommend pellet fuel suppliers who use different biomass material to make pellets.
Besides wood, there are a wide range of biomass raw materials that can be made into biomass pellets with different characteristics. We have clients(pellet mill buyer and pellet producer) around the world, and we know what kind of pellets they can produce based on the natural condition of their regions.

Why We Are Doing This For You?
Our goal here is to help our cooperative parter-pellet mill buyer and YOU-the pellet fuel buyer build up a mutual information channel, which is a win-win strategy for the two sides.
NPM spares no efforts to better this service and charge of nothing, considering it as an extra benefit we offer to our clients who have bought our machines. Acting as a bridge for the resource and information exchanging, NPM believes it can also boost the global pellet fuel business to become prosperous day by day.
The chart below shows how NPM works
All our long-term cooperative partners have passed the international quality test for the quality of pellet fuel:
Both the biomass pellet fuel buyer and seller are enjoying a good cooperative relationship with the help of NPM.
More information about the pellet fuel production are available at the official website of Nanjing Pellet Mill Co., Ltd.
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